google-eu-200pxThe process has already begun.  Google has started processing and removing the approved submissions done through the right to the Right To Be Forgotten Forum.  For those of you haven’t been keeping up, a European Court Of Justice ruling happened back in May 2014 called Right To Be Forgotten that allows EU citizens could request that search engines remove links to pages that have been deemed private, regardless of if the pages themselves aren’t truly deleted from the internet.  At this point in time, all of the approved quests are now being removed from search results.

Following is a screen shot of the disclaimer that appears when results (in this case for max mosely) in Google UK:



If you notice at the bottom, it says that “Some results may have been removed under the data protection law in Europe.”

The ‘Learn more’ link takes you to a FAQ page on Google’s Privacy section.

The Right To Be Forgotten form has proven to be quite popular, as potentially hundreds of thousands of submissions have taken place by this point.  It’s gotten to a point where other search engines are going to be expected to comply with this ruling as well.

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