It seems that Google is rolling out a messaging feature to Google My Business customers.  Both Mike Blumenthal and @AnthonyCGuzman posted that they, as well as their customers, are beginning to notice the feature within Google My Business.  The feature began its testing phase back in November of last year.

It’s been confirmed by Google that this is now fully rolling out to businesses in the US and I am personally able to test it on businesses that I have access to under my Google My Business account.

When going to the Google My Business home page, you’ll see a new section for “Messaging” on the left and an option in the middle promoting it that says, “Message with customers.”

After you click on it the first time, you need to configure the mobile number of the Allo device you want it to connect to.


Then, after you verify the number, it lets you set up an autoreply to customers who use the feature:

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