Back in March of this  year, Google announced that it would retire the old AdWords interface by the end of the year.  But there were some advertisers who received notifications from Google this week that their accounts will be switched over to the new interface only, beginning in July.

Once the accounts are switched over, “the new AdWords experience will replace the previous one” completely.  At this point, advertisers won’t be able to jump back to the original interface.  Some advertisers received a switch date of July 10.  Below is a portion of the notice that Google sent.

Google has begun notifying some advertisers that access to the old interface will terminate in July.

This transition won’t affect everyone at one.  This will be a phased approach.  Advertisers will be notified about the timing of the switch-over by Google for their accounts on a rolling basis.  This will be the case until all accounts globally have been switched over by year-end.  For Google, end of  year could mean October, as the company stated in March that it won’t switch accounts during the busy holiday months of November and December.

If you still work with the old interface, make sure you’ve checked your notification settings so that you’ll receive the emails from Google that announce when your account will lose access to that interface.  And no worries, as all historical campaign data and reporting is available in the new interface.  There will be some features that aren’t transitioning over, but there will be a number of new features and capabilities that are built into the new version.  Naturally, there will be some kinks that will need to be worked out.

If you’re curious, there is a reference map to help with navigation around the new interface, and the Help Center has been updated for the new AdWords. If you’re looking to do more with the new AdWords interface, check out keyboard shortcuts.

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