googleIn an announcement  by Google, the company is experimenting with automatically reversing manual actions for hacked sites that have gone through the process of removing the hack.

Google said:

“… we’re beta testing the automated removal of some hacked manual actions. In Search Console if Google sees a ‘Hacked site’ manual action under ‘Partial matches,’ and our systems detect that the hacked content is no longer present, in some cases, we will automatically remove that manual action.”

Basically, Google may very well reverse the manual action for you if they detect that the hack has been removed, even if you haven’t submitted the reconsideration request.

Even then, it’s still suggested that you check if you have a manual action, and if you still have to submit the reconsideration request.

“We still recommend that you submit a reconsideration request if you see any manual actions, but don’t be surprised if a ‘Hacked site’ manual action disappears and saves you the trouble!”

Here is what this manual action looks like:


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