google-logo-874x288Google likes to make changes to their search results to see how it affects those who search on their platform.  In this case, Google has decided that they are now bolding answers in the search results, not just the query or the synonym of a user’s query.

Lets say you did a search for

[what would the color of the sky be without an atmosphere] or [what is Wikipedia] or other queries that would return answers at the top of the page or in the search results,  what would you get?  You would see Google bolding the answer.

So if you asked [what color is the sky], Google would bold blue and red colors in the answer in the knowledge graph box.  Also, you’d see that the words were bolded inthe actual search results below:


Here is another example, where if you do a search for [the average age of a college student], here’s what you’d get:


You would even see the bolding take affect in a standard search result with the number 25 bolded in the snippet.

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