Google is rolling out the Assistant to more devices.  Soon, it’ll be available on Android tablets that run Nougat and Marshmallow, as well as smartphones running Lolliop.

The folks in the US who are running English will be the first to get access.  But, there will be a wide array of Android 5.0 smartphones (Lollipop) getting the Assistant.  Those operating in English in major markets and in Spanish in the US, Mexico and Spain, and Lollipop smartphones in Italy, Japan, Germany, Brazil and Korea.

As the market becomes more competitive and AI development accelerates, Google will push the Assistant out to more devices.

There is a Verto Analytics report from July 2017 found that 42 percent of US smartphone owners were using virtual assistants, in the aggregate, on average 10 times per month.  This translates into over 70 million smartphone owners and almost 1 billion hours per month in the US.  The numbers are likely somewhat higher now.

Personal Assistant Usage Numbers And Demographics



Source: Verto Analytics (5/17)

The most used assistants was Siri, but according to Verto, Cortana and Alexa were the fastest-growing assistants.

There was separate research that found virtual assistants are used much more frequently on smart speakers.  This makes sense, as there is the general absence of a screen.  These smart speaker were used almost three times per day, versus less than one for smartphones.

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