In an announcement made by Google yesterday, Google My Business My Business Agency Dashboard launched.

The Agency Dashboard lets local marketing agencies and local SEOs manage multiple listings in an even more productive and efficient way.  You can register here to access the new dashboard:

Here are the features available within the new Agency Dashboard:

  • Manage all your locations under one account; there is no longer a limit of 100 locations per account in this dashboard.
  • Send and receive invitations to manage listings and see the status of those invitations.
  • Location Groups: You are required to put all organizations into a Location Group (previously known as a business account) to help with location management. Agencies can request access to a customer’s location through a Location Group, or customers can invite an agency’s Location Group to co-manage their listing.
  • New user Groups enable agencies to manage teams and control access to their Location Groups with different permission levels.
  • You can also quickly search for locations within your entire account or within a particular Location Group.

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