google-logoGoogle has decided to remove the ability for businesses to edit their introduction/description field in the Google My Business portal.  This was posted by Google in a note in the featured document.

This feature was removed on August 1, 2016, and Google wrote:

The Introduction/Description field is no longer editable in Google My Business. It only displays to users in Google+, and may still be edited there. Editing of attributes, coming soon to all Google My Business views, will be an improved way to describe your business to users on Google Search and Maps.

This is what ‘s Google+ profile for his company looked like:

It’s said by some that this was removed because there were businesses who used it to stuff spam and keywords into the field.

This hasn’t been shown on Google Maps or the Google local knowledge box for some time.  But now, it seems you no longer can edit it in the Google My Business portal.  Google says that you can edit it in Google+.

So how can you edit the information on Google+?  Go to and edit your story. Here are more details.

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