Not long ago, Scott Hendison had reported that the Google My Business insights tool hadn’t been reporting accurately with the photos section of your listings.  Google Insights within Google My Business displays analytics around your Google My Business local listings in Google Search and Google Maps.

When this report came out a week ago, the data for reports around the photos in your listing stopped appearing and seemed to have paused completely.  On August 28, the data began filling back up again.  But before that, there was a gap between the dates of August 16 and August 20.

It was confirmed on the evening of August 30 by a Google spokesperson that they have identified the issue, resolving the data issue.  At this point, the data should be fully restored and visible to Google My Business owners.

Here’s how the report looked a week ago, compared to a few days ago, and compared to the 31st of August:

A week ago

A few days ago


These images

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