A new ability has been added by Google for local businesses in specific categories, such as restaurants, to add new URLs to their profiles to hyperlinks searchers directly to  landing page where they’re able to take specific actions.  A few of these actions includes placing a reservation or an online order, make an appointment and more.

The news was posted about it on Google’s release notes page saying:

Add links to specific actions like online orders or reservations. Make it easier for customers to take action directly from your listing.

The help center article has been updated to explain the steps for businesses to take to add these URLs. These new URLs are visible only to select categories of businesses. The actions include:

  • booking an appointment
  • placing an order
  • reserving a table
  • searching for items
  • viewing the menu

Mike Blumenthal captured some images of some of his clients with some of the action URLs.  Check out the following screen shots.

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