Google My Business updated its monthly insights email, which is the email that is sent out to business owners, and summarizes the statistics and analytics around how well their Google local listing is performing.

Due to the new update, the email is more visually appealing than the previous version of the email.  No, it shares a lot more data as well.  Previously, the email shared the views o your business, the number of people clicking to get direction, as well as the number of people who have called your business from the listing.  With this new email, it shares all that, and more.  It now includes visits to your websites, reviews, the type of searches you were found for and the percentage increase or decrease  month to month for most of this data.

Below are screen shots from Barry Schwartz’s listing and Mike Blumenthal’s post show the email.  Notice that there are differences between Barry’s and Mike’s posts.  Could it be that Google is tailoring the data based on the type of business?

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