googleIn case there are those who have forgotten, Google has sent out an email reminder the other day intended to remind those involved in the Google Maps Business View program that there are some upcoming changes.  Basically, Google Maps Business View will be renamed Street View Trusted.  With this change, Some of Google’s policies will be loosened up around the program to make it “much easier,” while allowing the “publishing requirements will be simpler.”  Ultimately, these changes, according to Google, will lead to better editing reliability and improved publishing.  Google stated that the “high quality imagery and consistent professionalism will remain key requirement” in this program.

In September, Google will be launching a new Street View app.  When the app is released, this is where you will find these user profiles and published panoramas, as they will be removed from the main Google Maps section.  For iOS, this app is going to be replacing Photo Sphere Camera, with both iOS and android versions of the app supporting their photo sphere camera mode

Although Google Maps Views will be going offlne in mid-August, Google has promised that Google Maps will “re-introduce support for creating connections between photo spheres (‘constellations’) with a new, more automated solution.”  This will happen later n the year.  Google also had this to say in addition:

Your existing, approved photos, photo spheres and constellations will continue to be visible – and deletable – through the Google Maps website. Unfortunately at this time, descriptions and comments are not able to be carried over to your Google Maps account. Also, all images, including those that have not been approved for Google Maps, will continue to be accessible via Google+ where you can adjust their visibility permissions.

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