googleSo have you heard of the rumor that Google Shopping could be turned into something more similar to Amazon and Ebay?  Well, the chance that Google Shopping could be turned on its head could be getting closer by the day.  “Buy” buttons could begin appearing on select Google mobile search ad in a matter of just a few weeks.

According to the  Wall Street Journal, there was some anonymous sources being cited that Macy’s is going to be one of the retailers in discussions with Google to join the launch.  Just think, how much would things change by simply adding a buy button to Google Shopping ads on smartphones?  It would totally transform the function of the engine from a simple referrer of e-commerce to the transactional middle-man.  Naturally, there are some retailers who are concerned over Google’s insertion into the buy process will impede customer relationships.  These buy buttons will also all Google to gain access to valuable sales data as well.

By clicking on a buy button from a Google Shopping ad, you’ll be whisked away to a special landing page on Google that will allow you to choose things like size and color selections, and finally, completing the purchase.  There is also the option for a merchant marketing program, which will allow retailers to continue marketing to their customers as they do when transactions are completed on their own sites.

Google will reportedly offer several payment options, allowing customers to save their payment details for future purchases.

Unlike Amazon and Ebay, those Google Shopping advertisers won’t have to forego a percentage of each transaction.  According to the report, Google will simply continue to charge per ad click.  Will this make large retailers accept Google Shopping?  We’ll see.

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