Google Celebrates Thanksgiving With A Special Logo

In honor of Thanksgiving, Google has put up yet another special logo on their search engine this year.  This year, if you visit Google’s homepage, you’ll find a Thanksgiving themed logo where animals gather to celebrate the day, including a fox playing banjo music.  What else would you expect to see in the forest?

By clicking on the play button on the logo, you’ll be treated to a short cinematic where animals begin to gather, each with their own contribution to their Thanksgiving feast.  Then, a fox will begin playing his banjo to help liven up the festive mood, while all the other animals dance and celebrate their thanks.

Beside the logo, is a share button that allows users to post a link to the interactive image on their Google+, Facebook, and Twitter pages.  By sharing on one of these social platforms, there will be a message starting with “I’m #thankful for…”, while the search icon takes you to a result page for Thanksgiving 2013.

Google thanksgiving logo 2013 first screen

We at Thrive Search wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving!

Original story: http://searchengineland.com/thanksgiving-2013-google-logo-offers-up-bluegrass-music-dancing-animals-178441