Last week, Google removed the “View Image” button and “Search by Image” feature from Google image search due to a copyright infringement concern with Getty Images.  But, by dealing with Getty in best way Google could think of, they inherently made internet quite unhappy with the search company.  With this change, searchers have certainly made their voice heard when it comes to expressing their anger.

There are some searchers who have taken the matter into their own hands by creating several Google Chrome extensions that bring some of those features back.

The following three Chrome extensions are available that help return both the “View Image” and “Search by Image” buttons to the Google image search results interface:

  • Joshua B made one that he says “re-implements the Google Images’ ‘View Image’ and ‘Search by Image’ buttons.”
  • vinit.iitk made one that claims to “brings the view image button back in google image search results.”
  • devunt made one that he said will “make view image button great again.”

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