GoogleWhen doing a Google Image Search on mobile, have you ever been shown large filter buttons for your image search requests?  If you have, as some already have discovered for themselves, you may wonder if they are brand new.  Well, according to Google, they are indeed new.

It seems that this feature was added earlier this summer and confirmed that this is a permanent change, and not just some test.

In order to find these special filter buttons, you need to conduct a search on your mobile phone in Google Image Search.  If you do the right kind of search like

[wood home design], than large finger-press buttons will let you filter that search further.

As an example, in the following screen shot, Google gives me the option to see images by modern, simple, rustic, and more.Google Image Search Filter 1

You can filter down, giving you even more options:

Google Image Search Filter 2

If you want to go back to the original image selections, you can tap on the X on the white buttons to clear those filters.

Google Image Search Filter 3

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