google-thumbIf there’s one thing we know about Google, it’s the fact that they’re always testing out new things and playing around with new user interfaces that could make their UX better over time.  Google was recently seen testing black instead of blue links in their search results, and now, they seem to be testing two different interfaces.  One of them looks to have much more of a spacious and wider search results page layout, where as the other brings back the card-based styled interface introduced in from 2013.

The first test we’ll look at is the wider Google search results.  Google began testing the wider interface earlier this month, but then earlier this week, the test spiked.  Now, more searchers are seeing it.  Google hasn’t confirmed whether or not this is something they’d launch, but said that they’re always testing things.  So basically, who knows.  If the test is successful, we could see a different look in the Google results.

The test brings more space for longer titles, longer descriptions for both the organic results and the AdWords ads.  Again, this is just a test, so let’s not expect that they’ll actually launch this.

Dan Baker has a nice visualation of the changes on Twitter, which can be seen in the tweet below:

As you can see, the top version is a little wider than the one on the bottom.

Next up is the card-style search results.   was notified by a number of people through Twitter that Google was testing the old card-style interface that originated back in 2013.  Here’s some screen shots of these card-style results by @nagula_kiran and @Bring_NickB:

google-card-style-interface2-581x600 google-card-style-interface-800x464

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