google-logo-874x288Google has launched something new for AdWords: dynamic structured snippets.  These automated extensions will display industry-specific structured information about products and services on an advertisers’ site.

“The information that appears for your ad’s snippets reflects categories of content found on your site.”

The dynamic structured snippets will appear for retail, hotel and flight searches at launch, with additional verticals planned to follow later this year.



With this extension, Google says it will automatically appear on eligible ads whenn the lading pages has a matching category for a search.  In addition, the snippet can and will display additional details about the content found on the landing page for the ad.

Even though they will be able to display with other extensions, if Google finds other extensions that perform better than structured snippets, they’ll more likely appear with your ad instead.

There will be some dynamic structured snippets performance data that will be available from the automated extensions report from the Ad extensions tab.

If you’re an advertiser who isn’t wanting to include dynamic structured snippets in their AdWords campaigns, they can fill out a form to opt out.

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