Google Discontinues Trips Mobile App

After three years, the Google Trips mobile app has been phased out and has integrated its “Things to do in a destination,” “Trip reservations” and Saved places features into Search and Maps. This phase out follows the launch of Google’s browser-based travel planning tool announced during Google’s Marketing Live event in May.

The chance that the Trips app will have a big impact on users will probably be minimal, but moving the users that it did have from the mobile app to Search and Maps for their travel plans could have more opportunities to show ads to potential customers that have expressed interest in businesses like yours or have already booked travel to the area you service.’s browser-based interface has the same trip planning features on both desktop and mobile, which could allow advertisers to target travelers that are logged in as they plan their itineraries at home and when they’ve arrived at their travel destinations.

Google has detailed how users can access their trip reservations, saved places and browse things to do on their Travel Help support site.

SourceGeorge Nguyen