Google DMCA Notices Reach Record High With 7.8 Million Link Removal Requests Filed In One Week

According to a post on TorrentFreak, it seems that Google is putting quite a bit of effort into processing takedown requests as they are with their algorithm updates.  Google is processing an average of over a million of these takedown requests every day, which is a massive increase from just five years ago.  Back in the day, there was about one request every six days.  So going from one request a day five years ago to a million a day is quite an increase in workload.

To put these numbers in perspective, Google is currently asked to remove an infringing search result every eight milliseconds.

According to the Torrent Freak report, the takedown requests that Google deals with has hit a high last week when Google was asked to remove over 7.8 million links.  This is a ten percent increase from just a week ago.  It makes you wonder what people are doing to get these takedown requests sent into Google.

As you can see from the graph below, there has been a pretty big jump from the number of URL removal requests that Google received just two years ago:

Torrent freak google dmca 800

One would assume that all of these deletion requests all came from the right from of mind from those online, but unfortunately, that isn’t the case.  Although Google has committed to its anti-piracy efforts, there is no shortage of complaints.

A statement from the TorrentFreak report:

“The massive surge in removal requests is not without controversy. It’s been reported that some notices reference pages that contain no copyrighted material, due to mistakes or abuse, but are deleted nonetheless.”

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