google-thumbIt was reported earlier this month about the significant chatter surrounding a Google algorithm update.  Now, it looks like there’s another update to report to you this week.

On Tuesday of this week, there had been early signals of a Google update.  These signals spiked on Thursday, and still have yet to ebb.

It seems that the webmaster and SEO community is confident that an algorithm change had happened with the Google organic search results this week.  Not only was this  hot topic amongst SEO forums and communities, the tracking tools from Mozcast, Accuranker, RankRanger, among others, also showed significant fluctuations in the organic rankings in Google.

The PR team from Google didn’t directly comment on the matter of the update, but rather, they pointed to a tweet by John Mueller from Google.



Google’s PR team wouldn’t directly comment. Instead, they pointed to a tweet by John Mueller from Google: “nothing specific, sorry — we’re always working to improve things!” This is in response to questions about an algorithm update. John also said this morning on Twitter:


Either way, it doesn’t appear that its directly related to the  Google Penguin.

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