parsely-logo-200pxIn the US, it is said that Google has about 65 to 70 percent market share of searches. But, many publishers Google share of incoming search traffic is much higher.

To news sites like Reuters Mashable, Dallas Morning News, The Next Web and others who use’s content optimization platform, this is certainly the case.  Recently, has issued the first Authority Report,.  This report is this study guide looks at the actor gated traffic to its hundreds of clients. In this study that covers July of 2013, more than five billion pageviews are measured that were generated by a 160 million unique visitors.

Google is the top overall traffic source for these new sites, which comes as no surprise. This is especially since is lumping all Google properties together, including search traffic, Google News, YouTube, Google+ and more.  Google can clean 200 plus million pageviews, which is much higher then the second place Facebook, which can only claim 73 million pageviews in July.


If you look at it just the search engines, you’ll see an even larger disparity. Google completely overshadows the page views that Yahoo and Bing send.


What you must keep in mind though, is this is due to the inclusion of all Google properties in Google totals. This is not a comparison with a pure search vs searched piercing. As example, Yahoo isn’t including tumblr example. But, even if Yahoo did include time work, tumblr would only increase Yahoo’s total by a tiny fraction.