google-account-multiple-signinsIt appears that Google is extending their multiple Gmail login feature to AdWords.  That’s right, Google is allowing AdWords users to have multiple account logins for its users.  Because of this small, yet big, feature, you won’t have to worry about having multiple browsers open in order to manage multiple AdWords accounts at the same time again.

This new announcement allows you to switch between Google accounts without the need to keep logging in and out all the time.  I think we all know this can be a massive time saver in the long run.  Once you’ve logged into one account, and you decide to switch to a different one, you can login there, and then decide to switch back to the first one without logging back in to the first account.  It’s super fast and easy.

In order to get started in AdWords, just click on the Customer ID or login email in Adwords, which ever you prefer, to open the account slector.  Managers will be give the choice to add additional accounts using the “Add Account” button.

As I said before, this might be a small addition to AdWords, but it can make all the difference in the long run as you switch back and forth between a number of accounts.

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