google-logo-874x288This week on the Google Research blog, you’ll be able to read an announcement from Google that they are going to be introducing a new addition to search listings.  With this new feature key pieces of information is pulled out from a page and inserted into the search results snippet for that page.  This richer version of rich snippets is called structured snippets.  In some cases, it’s possible that this new form of snippet can be seen in certain searches.

By searching for Batman, as an example, you’ll be able to learn where he first appeared and who he was created by.  You can find this information out by not even clicking on the Wikipedia page.  Here is an example of Google’s structured snippets:


At this point, this structured snippet form doesn’t appear currently for many other searches, but we know that eventually this type of snippet will become more evident as time goes on.

Here is an technical explanation by Google that details the structured snippets:

“Structured Snippets is the latest collaboration between Google Research and the Web Search team employing that data to seamlessly provide the most relevant information to the user. We use machine learning techniques to distinguish data tables on the Web from uninteresting tables, e.g., tables used for formatting web pages. We also have additional algorithms to determine quality and relevance that we use to display up to four highly ranked facts from those data tables.”

Original Source by Matt Southern