Google announced a new product earlier this year that has generated a lot of buzz among advertisers – Google Attribution.  The platform is slated to help marketers see how higher and mid-funnel interactions will impact conversions and tame the cross-device, cross-channel conundrum.  Google is currently rolling out this program to hundreds of advertisers this week.

According to Google, they’ve had successful initial beta tests with brand that have been using Google Attribution.  HelloFresh, one of the companies using this new feature says that they have a 10 percent increase in conversions since Attribution.

Karl Villanueva, head of paid search and display at HelloFresh, said this about the initial beta: “With Google Attribution, we have been able to automatically integrate cross-channel bidding throughout our AdWords search campaigns. This has resulted in a seamless change in optimization mindset as we are now able to see keyword and query performance more holistically rather than inadvertently focusing on only last-click events.”

With the rollout of Attribution, there is the hope that we will see a light on the true paths that users take before the conversion finally happens.  At this point, Google’s attribution modeling in AdWords “Attribution” under Conversions tab is limited to AdWords data.  With the new product, we’ll see more cross-channel data than what’s simply available in Google Analytics to help assign credit to the true pat of a sale.  Attribution even features Google’s machine learning-based data-driven attribution model.

Something to keep in mind is that this rollout isn’t global, but for select advertisers.  In order to find out when Google Attribution is available for you, Google has created a quick form to keep you in the know. You can check to see if you have access by attempting to log in to Google Attribution.  Over the coming months Google will be inviting more advertisers to Attribution.

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