Google-Accelerated-Mobile-PagesIn an announcement, Google has added a few new features to the Now on Tap service.  Google Now on Tap allows Android users to bring Google search features to any screen that they’re looking at with the tap of a button.

The features that have been added to Now on Tap includes a new discover button to learn more about what’s on your screen, the ability to translate text on any page/screen, as well as a search by scanning QR codes and bar codes in Search by Image.

Regarding the translate feature, you are able to translate text on any screen you’re viewing.  It can be within any webpage or app.  All you have to do is long-press the home button, then tap the “Translate this screen” button,  and the text will be instantly translated for you.  This feature works for those phones where their languages are set to English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

Here’s what it looks like:


With the Discover feature, if you tap the “Discover” icon with  Google Now on Tap, you’ll get a stream of visual content related to what’s on your screen, according to Google.  The following GIF shows it in action:

BlogSpot_gif_v1_garciarobert (1)

The final new feature not only allows you to search by landmark or image, but you can also scan bar codes or QR codes with Now on Tap.  Just aim your Android’s camera at the bar code, and Google will give you cards that are related to that object.  This feature works with packaged products, books, DVDs and more.

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