At Google Marketing Next event in San Francisco earlier this week, Google made a number of provocative and important announcements.  A new, free multi-touch attribution tool called Google Attribution was announced, as well as location extensions for YouTube and in-store sales measurement for AdWords.

Google has been even more focused on showing advertisers how the ads on its network can holistically impact consumer purchase activity in the real-world.

Because of this, location extensions are coming to YouTube.  That means that, YouTube ads will include address/map location, hours, photos, call buttons and other information.  Another feature that will soon be available for YouTube campaigns are store visits measurement.  Google Director of Product Management, Kishore Kanakamedela, said that QSR chain Wendy’s was able to track over 1 million store visits driven by video ads during a campaign run late last year.


Beyond store visits analytics Google is expanding in-store sales measurement, which it has been testing since 2014.

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