google-thumbBack in May, it was announced by Google that retailers would soon be getting running Local Inventory Ads, which is another way for searchers to find out if a product is available in their local store.  The feature is live now, and some of the retailers that are participating includes Ikea, Macy’s and REI.

There is a new feature called “Search items at this store,” which is available in both the Google Maps and Knowledge Panel results for participating retailers.  Although the feature wasn’t available in my area, as I did a search for all the participating stores in Portland Oregon, and I was not able to replicate the “Search items at this store,” this is what a Macy’s store listing looks like in a desktop search:

Google Search items at this store

This feature was spotted by Nicolai Helling on a search for Ikea Waldorf Germany.  This is what the store’s listing looks like in Maps on mobile:  The link text found in Maps on both desktop and mobile are black, making it not very obvious that it’s clickable.

By taking the link to its destination, users will find themselves at a Google-powered landing page that features all of the inventory slated as available in the advertiser’s Local Inventory product feed that powers Local Inventory Ad campaign.  Check out the image below to see what the initial product category page looks like for REI’s Denver store.  Users will be able to search for particular products in the search bar, or they can click into one of the categories to see and filter individual products that are available in that specific location (per the product feed).

The individual product pages are also Google-hosted, which continues to have map details.  It’ll show available sizes, review and stock alerts, such as the one seen below, and the ability to search other locations.  These capabilities are available from Maps on mobile.