Several large US-based internet sites, such as Google and Facebook, aren’t having the best relationship with EU regulators, as they say many of their terms and practices as contrary to Europe’s laws, mainly when it comes to consumer privacy. Now, the companies have been given immediate deadlines to make the requested changes or face some hefty penalties.

According to Reuters, EU leaders have a stepped-up effort to get American tech companies to comply with European regulations and norms. Here are some of the issues being discussed:

  • Facebook is asked to remove “slanderous or threatening online postings quickly”
  • More aggressive action against fraudulent consumer content or scams
  • More explicit identification of sponsored content
  • Eliminating terms that require waivers of EU citizens’ contractual rights
  • Ability for consumers to sue in domestic courts rather than being compelled to sue in US courts

Even though some of these ares are conflicts are vaguely reported by Reuters, they represent a group of legal issues and concerns around consumer privacy and rights.  The EU has been pursuing US tech companies for years.

Currently pending against Google are three antitrust claims that focus on AdWords contracts, Android and Google Play rules and shopping.  Another issue that has been at the center of controversy and drawn EU regulatory ire for several years is Facebook’s privacy issues and use of data for ad targeting.

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