Google now has the ability to link some content it is showing in their search results in a new way.  Rather than linking to the page, Google anchors you to the exact spot of the answer you’re looking for and highlight the block of text that is most relevant to your query.  This feature only works for some searches on Google mobile, that feature AMP content in the featured snippet block.

To see this in action, go to mobile and search for something that returns both a featured snippet and is also an AMP page. For example, search on Google mobile for [what does a vpn do] and if you see a snippet from and it has an AMP icon next to it, then you can see this in action.

Once you’ve clicked on the link, it anchors you to the section of the content and highlights that content:

The following video shows this in action:

If your content has an AMP version, and you have content that shows up in the featured snippets section, then your visitors from Google could skip your header and be jumped to the middle portion of your page.  Ad clicks could be impacted, as well as conversion rates as well as other key metrics on your website.

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