google-logo-feature-1030x686On January 19, Google issued a patent that hints at a system that will keep the search engine relevant in the social media game.  This isn’t the first time Google’s trying to remain relevant in social, and this time, they’re assessing trends that will help users, companies, and brands tailor their social media posts according to copy that usually resonates to drive engagement across social media shares.

The system which is being proposed is built on email communication.  Ultimately, the idea is very simple – links being shared from one user to another.  If a user clicks on the link, Google utilizes a pop-up system that suggests how to share the link on social media. Although Google knows that email is one way of communicating, but wider distribution is required for “sharing links and for engaging in a conversation,” the patent says.


According to the patent, Google will be identifying content within the email with the intention of proposing different topics/copy that they users can posts.  As an example, if you’re sharing a new book as the above image shows, there will be three potential suggestions for copy that will allow users to post updates that point to their “favorite author,” “new book,” or “I’ve been a reader of…”.  This gives users suggestions on angles that they could make use of to make the content socially compelling, which in turn, will encourage engagement on these broadcasts.

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