According to Google in an announcement made September 11, the accelerated ad delivery option in Google Ads will be available for a little bit longer. Originally, October 1 was supposed to be when it was to begin being phased out, but now the option will sunset starting October 7. After that, campaigns are going to be switched over automatically.

Google said it will be removing the accelerated ad delivery option from Google Ads campaigns last month, and once it gets phased out, standard delivery is going to be the only option we get.

When advertisers selected accelerated deliver, it was to show ads for as many relevant queries as possible, and not to spend as much budget as possible. They wanted to maximize impressions and click volume potential. By having your budget unrestricted, you’d be able to show for as many queries as possible throughout the entire day as possible and not have Google’s systems decide when and if to show our ads based on any number of signals. Google admitted that this wasn’t the best strategy.

Matt Lawson of Google, the VP of ad marketing, warned advertisers this July that accelerated delivery was likely not producing desired results: “In fact, standard delivery is more likely to get more clicks (and conversions) for you.”

When the news first broke, the removal of accelerated delivery is another move towards allowing the machines to determine how campaigns get optimized. Google says that instead of prioritizing the start of the day regardless potential click out come with accelerated delivery, its bidding systems are able to better predict the optimal time to serve your ads throughout the day.

SourceGinny Marvin