google-thumbOn November 22nd, Google announced that there are three new features for app marketers to take advantage of when they are promoting their apps via Universal App Campaigns, the campaign type that automatically syndicates app promotion ads across Google search, YouTube, Play store and Google Display Network.

Automated Video Ads – There is a product called AutoDirector, which lets Google automatically pull images, descriptions and ratings from the App Store or Google Play store and add music to create a promotional video for an app, which then can be distributed across Google video inventory.  Here is an xample of an ad created for Brazilian app called OLX:


Ads in “You might also like” on Play – In order to give advertisers yet another wa to promote app discovery in Google Play, Google is open up ad inventory in the “You might also like” carousel of recommended apps in Googe Play that appears when somebody searches for or installs apps.


It was earlier this year when Google updated the targeting capabilities in Universal App Campagin and announced the ads now have generated over three billion app installs.

Target users likely to make in-app purchases – Finally the last update applies to Android developers only.  App developers for the Android platform will be able to choose in-app purhases as the conversion type they want to measure, and then use that in-app purchase data from Google Play in Universal App Campaigns to target similar users modeled from that customer base.

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