multicore-mobile-tabletEver since the Google mobile-friendly update, not having a mobile-friendly site can do the opposite of good when it comes to your rankings in Google’s search results, it can hurt them.  But there is another question to take into consideration – will not having a desktop-friendly web site have a negative impact on your desktop rankings in Google?

Googler John Mueller answered that question on Friday morning in a Google Hangout.  John gave us some good news on that end by saying that you don’t need a desktop-friendly website to rank well on desktop, as long as your mobile site renders on desktop.  If the mobile site does work on desktop, everything should be fine.

According to John, you need to “make sure that desktop users can still see some of your content, if it is formatted in a way that works best for mobile, that’s perfectly fine.” “You definitely do not need a specific desktop website in addition to a mobile website,” Mueller added.

It’s at the 12:50 point in the video where the question is asked and answered.  You can watch the video below as well:

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