commentsHere’s an interesting thought that concerns “Great post” comments on your content.  John Mueller has replied on Twitter to somebody asking whether or not they should remove comments that praise your blog post, but ultimately doesn’t any any other value.  This doesn’t have to be things just like “great post!” as it could also include “This article really helped me!”

John Mueller’s response was “that’s really up to you.  For Me, some of these can be legit, others are just link-drops.”  There’s certainly some truth to this, as I’ve seen plenty of comments on my own online content.

I think anybody who runs their own blog, website, YouTube channel, etc, has probably seen plenty of these sorts of comments, but most of them are obviously spammy.  Most of these comments are there just to get their own link out there, and are using your post to do it.

Getting a “great post” comment without any sort of link to their own site is actually pretty rare.

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