Google-HangoutsFor all those who know, Google+ has been pulling back from a number of Google services and pulling out to become more of an independent entity.  Continuing on this path, Google Hangouts now has it’s own dedicated website.  Google launched, which is a site that offers what you’d expect from Hangout, such as voice and video calls and text chat.

Before Hangouts got its own place to chill, desktop users of the Google communication tool had to use the Hangout Chrome app, or access it through the Gmail and Google+ interfaces.

All the new page gives the users the product its own landing page, with a cleaner look.  Here’s what it looks like:



This move can be looked at as a continuation of Google’s plan to unlink features originally tied to Google+.  Either way, this is a good move, as it gives users of Hangouts the option to not use Google’s social network.

Last week, Google released a new Android app with streamlined contacts, faster message delivery and improved battery life.

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