Google Has New Head Of Web Spam

Matt cutts Unless you’ve been living under a rock, and you’ve been in the SEO industry for a while, you know who Matt Cutts is.  We all know him as the head of search spam for Google for the last ten years.  But, last July, Matt decided to take some leave from work.  Afterwards, he extended that leave last October, and still hasn’t come back.

Well, it can be reported that Google has somebody new in his position of head of web spam fighting, but with one big difference.  This new spam fighter probably won’t become the all-around spokesperson on publisher and webmaster issues like Matt had done.

Because the person isn’t going to be assuming the other role that Cutts had played (being the spokesperson of Google, as well as head of spam fighting), Google has declined to name the person taking over his role.  The problem that Cutts had to deal with was not only being the head of spam fighting and a spokesperson about listing issues, but he became a lightening rod for all those who were unhappy about Google’s policies relating to listings.

The original intention of the head of web spam wasn’t to also be a general spokesperson on listing issues as well.  It’s just that with Cuts, he was knowledgeable about Google’s listing processes in general, and he had a personal interest in that role.

According to Google, we should expect what’s already been happening while Cutts has been away.  Instead of having a single person doing multiple things like Cutts did, but we’ll see various individual Googlers splitting the role of providing advice and answers to SEOS and publishers in online forums, conferences and other places.

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