Google Has No Intention To Be A Retailer When Focusing On The Buy Now Button

Google logo 874x288When it comes to the Buy Now button, some would assume that perhaps Google is trying to get into the retail business.  But according to Google, this isn’t necessarily true.  Yesterday at SMX Advanced, Jerry Dischler, Google’s head of search ads, gave up some of the goods regarding Google’s upcoming Buy Now button in search ads.  The biggest reason why Google wants to launch their “buy now” button is so they can help with mobile conversions, not to actually complete against retailers.

Because Google has info about their searchers, they will be able to speed things up and allow mobile users to convert and place a transaction online.  This is the why they’re working on a buy now button that centers around mobile search ads.

After reaching out to some of their retailers, Google siad that they were interested in giving Google a try.  Google would be able to help retailers convert better on mobile by using this new buy button.

Jerry says that this situation will be better for not only the mobile user, but their advertisers as well.

Jerry believes that Android will be the first set of devices that the buy button will work on, but isn’t sure whether or not the team is working on an iOS version of the button or not.  I’m sure we’ll find out sooner or later what the situation is.

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