There is a report from Strategy Analytics that says that Apple has shipped about 600,000 HomePods during Q1.  In the same report, Amazon Alexa devices were placed around 4 million for the same period.  Google Home sales are around 2.5 million.

Of course, these numbers aren’t completely accurate, as they indicate the relative size of each company’s market share.  They also show that Google Home is gaining on Amazon’s virtual assistant.

It was predicted by some financial analysts that Apple will still exceed 2 millon unit sales by the end of the year.If the unit can continue to sell at least 600,000 or more each quarter, then this will happen.

Earlier data from Slice Intelligence showed the following Q1 US smart speaker market share estimates:

  • Alexa devices: 73 percent
  • Google Home: 14 percent
  • Apple HomePod: 10 percent
  • Sonos One (running Alexa): 2 percent

Unfortunately for Apple, the two biggest problems HomePod faces are related to price and perceptions of inferiority. While it is more expensive than most of its rivals, it’s not inferior.

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