google-logoOn October 5th, Google finally announced the debut of Google Home with Google Assistant, which is an Amazon Echo competitor that has some really cool hands-free search.

An expected, and a cool part of Google Home is its use of featured snippets, knowledge graph, and structured data to answer voice queries.  Danny Sullivan played around with Google Home in person and shared a couple videos on how Google Home answers more complex questions.

he first question he asked was “How do you get wine stains out of a rug?”  In response, Google Home said,  “According to Patch, Mix one-quarter teaspoon of liquid dishwashing detergent with four cups of lukewarm water …” Here is the video snippet of this in action:


The other question was “What’s the most valuable stamp in the world?”  In response, “According to Mashable, ‘World’s Most Valuable Stamp’ Sells for $9.5 million.”


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