Google’s ad product for local service providers is continuing to grow, as the company announced this week that home service ads are available to more businesses in more cities.

Adding to the list of locksmiths, plumbers, house cleaners and handymen are painters electricians and towing companies.  These added companies can now run ads through AdWords Express.

Google’s home service ads launched back in 2015, beginning their pilot in San Francisco.  The ad product is available in Stockton, San Diego, Philadelphia and Los Angeles.  This is the first time these service ads are available on the East Coast, in addition to the San Francisco Bay Area.  Google regularly tested new formats for these ads over the past few years.

The product takes aim at fulfilling consumers’ heightened expectation for sourcing and booking providers on demand online.  It’s something that can offer big market potential for Google, as home services is predicted to be a $435 billion market globally by 2021.  There are other services vying for market share, such as Yelp, Amazon Home Services, and Angie’s List.  IAC acquired Angie’s List in May, which was worth over than $500 million, which merged it Home Adviser.

providers will be put through an application and background check process, allowing them to set up their Google Home Service a listings in AdWords Express.  The ad blocks usually appear at the top of the results page, with the organic pack of listings displaying farther down the page.



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