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A test is being run by Google for “price insights” in its hotel search listing results.  Price insights will show a search if they’re getting a good deal or not for a particular hotel.  When checking out a specific hotel, it’s possible that Google will show you a box that reads “this hotel costs more than similar hotels nearby.”  That button will let you have a look at hotel price insights in Google search.

This was first noticed by Sergey Alakov, who said this is currently being tested.

Here are screen shots from Sergey:

The following image is the front screen of the “Price Insights” section that displays similar nearby hotels for a better price:

Google even plots the prices of this hotel compared to the others by date:

Not only that, Google tells you when it would be best to book this hotel based on the price fluctuations:

Google will show you it’s “price evaluation”:

About year ago or so, Google added hotel pricing trends, while testing hotel price drop notifications a couple of years ago.  Google also has price tracking and has been vastly improving its travel search features to show good deals

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