Google Image Search Adds Badges For Recipes, Videos, Products And Animated Images

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Google made an announcement that they will now show badges o some images within their image search interface on mobile.  Adding badges to images helps searchers understand any data behind the image that Google could have.

Google said, “These badges will help you uncover images where next steps or more in-depth information is available — everything from bags to buy, to recipes to try.”  Currently, badges will include products, video, and animated images (GIFs).

At the time of this writing, I was unable to replicate the badges myself.

The badges are powered off of rich markup schema that you’ll be able to apply to your images on your web pages.  If you’d like to get badges to show up for your website images that appear in Google images search, check out the Google Webmaster blog. The Structured data testing tool has already been updated to help you check your images’ markup.

Source – Barry Schwartz

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