google-thumbNot long ago, Google had tested adding filter buttons in a variety of colors in image search.  But now, Google has finally released it to all of its searchers.

By going to the Google Image Search, you can do a search for any query, and you should see a carousel of colored buttons that appear across the top of the search results page.  By clicking on these buttons, the images that appear will be filtered based on what you’ve selected.  The images be filtered by a variety of things, such as colors and so on.

The screen shot below shows a search for the table top game, Dungeons and Dragons, and shows the number of different filters that you can use in your search.  You can select things from a particular monster type, character classes, and even specific settings like Daggerdale and Neverwinter.

Google filter search

Using the filter “barbarian” in the above search, I was able to find images that were specific the the character class of barbarian, as seen below:

Google filter search barbarian

This filter feature should be fully rolled out in the US.

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