YoutubeA new format for YouTube TrueView videos has been introduced by Google on Wednesday – TrueView for action.

Advertisers who use TrueView for action will be able to display a call-to-action at the base of the video during and at the end of the video.  The branded banner is able to be tailored to a specific action goal, like “get a quote,” book now,” or “learn more.”  Take a look at the following image by Mazda as an example:

youtube-trueview-for-action-mazdaThe announcement was made at the DMEXCO conference in Germeny by Sridhar Ramaswamy, the SVP of ads and commerce at Google on Wednesday.

The ad format follows other goal-driven TrueView formats (TrueView for app promotion and TrueView for shopping) designed to move video advertising on YouTube beyond typical branding.

According to Ramaswamy, Google will be testing TrueView for action ads throughout the year.  The reporting and user experience are being fine-tuned, and the aim is to make the new format available globally.

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