This morning, Google is rolling out “in-depth” articles this morning.  These newly introduced In-depth articles will exist for a number of different topics, such as censorship, secret societies, e-waste, Billy Zane, and so on.  These articles will call out longer-form content from what seems to be recognized and higher quality sources around the net.


Google is suggesting that the new block is going to appear most often for broad topics and themes.  One thing to keep in mind is that In-depth articles won’t appear for all queries.

Originally, it’s wasn’t evident if all publishers and sites are going to have equal access to this area via structured content markup, or if there will be some kind of internal white list of approved content publishers.  They stated there was no “white list” as formerly suggested. Here’s a statement provided by a Google spokesperson:

“Our goal is to surface the best in-depth articles from the entire web. In general our algorithms are looking for the highest quality in-depth articles, and if that’s on a local newspaper website or a personal blog, we’d like to surface it.”

Google confirmed the block will appear in the center of the page.