Google Is Launching a New Performance Planner for Google Ads

Google Ads is getting a new tool in the form of a Performance Planner that well assist with planning ad spend.

According to Google, on average, Performance Planner will help advertisers drive up to 43% more conversions.

The focus of the tool is to drive incremental conversions by identifying the best spend amounts for your campaigns.

Ahmad Ismail, a Google Ads Product Manager, explains:

“For example, let’s say you have a $92,000 monthly budget across 100 Search campaigns. The planner will recommend how to distribute that $92,000 across those Search campaigns to maximize conversions and project results from these changes in your forecast.”

With the performance planner, you can make projections based on other adjustments, like different spend levels and CPAs.

You can click on different spend points to see the resulting changes in conversions. You’ll be able to see how conversion would differ at a $12 CPA compared to a $20 CPA.

Users will even be able to zoom out and get a campaign level view of their account.

When there, you’ll see how much you’re spending on every campaign, you can allocate spend to different campaigns, and even add keywords to get a projection of how they’d affect performance.

There is a new help article that will explain how Performance Planner has been engineered to provide the most accurate forecasts possible:

“Performance Planner takes into account billions of search queries, and is usually updated every 24 hours. Performance Planner then simulates relevant ad auctions in aggregate, including variables like seasonality, competitor activity, landing page, etc. It then forecasts conversions based on the conversion types in the “Conversions” column of your Google Ads performance reports.”

At it’s core, this tools is a planner. Any changes made from within it is automatically implemented.

If you want to implement changes made within the performance planner, you need to download a file and utilize the Google Ads Manager.

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