Google-Accelerated-Mobile-PagesAs if Google couldn’t make it any more clear about them wanting your site to be mobile-friendly, they take the next step in making sure you know you it.  Google is now issuing a new type of warning to site owners that will show up directly in the mobile search results, but only to the owner when Google knows that the searcher is the owner of the site.

There was an old site owned by Jennifer Slegg that isn’t mobile-friendly, and according to her, she said that when trying to view the site in the mobile search results, it said to her in the snippet that, “Your page is not mobile-friendly.”  The message is a hyperlink that takes the person to a Google help page about mobile-friendly.

This what Jennifer saw:


Here’s what everybody else would see:


John Mueller of Google has confirmed that this is an experiment that they’re giving trying out to see if it helps boost mobile-friendliness.

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