googleIn the ever changing world of Google, at the end of August, Shopping Campaigns will become the default campaign type for running Product Listing Ads.  Because of this, Google has issued a best practices whitepaper to help marketers make the transition.

What sort of information will you find on the paper?  The points that Google make in the document focus on product feed optimization and updates, Shoping campaign structure, bidding and mobile recommendations.  Realistically, there really isn’t much of a change from the original recommendations, but overall, they are still good reminders that will help everyone keep fresh on things like limiting title length to 50 characters to avoid being truncated.

One thing that will sure to be useful to transitioning users are the recommendations on structuring in the new Shopping campaigns.  Since Google would like advertisers to think of their companions as storefronts, so Google is suggesting that they focus on product lines, profit margins, and best sellers.

Mobile is another important aspect of the new Shoppers campaigns.  Advertisers who are utilizing mobile landing pages should update fees for their mobile landing page attributes, just for an example.

Because new product feed specs have been released yesterday, merchants will want to pay attention to their feeds and Shopping campaigns within the next few months, so that they know their accounts will be prepped for the holiday season.

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