google-thumbA new tool has been launched by Google that connects AdWords conversion data to Salesforce, so that marketers are able to search campaigns to lead performance all the way through to closed deals and optimize their campaigns accordingly.

AdWords Conversion Import for Salesforce, enables the click ID (GCLID) associated with an AdWords ad to pass to Salesforce when a user submits a lead form or completes some of other type of conversion event after the ad is clicked on.  Once the accounts are linked, marketers will be able to pick conversion events that are being tracked in Salesforce.  After that, AdWords will import the data from Salesforce, recording these “milestones” as conversions at the keyword level.

From the blog post:

AdWords will regularly check your Salesforce account to see if you’ve recorded any new important milestones in your sales funnel that resulted from ad clicks. If so, AdWords will count those milestones as AdWords conversions.

Previously, Salesforce has acquired Salesforce for Google AdWords, but it was shut down in 2013.

In order to make AdWords Conversions Import for Saleforce work, you will need to add a GCLID field in Salesforce.  After that, update the lead forms to capture the click ID.  Once that is done, save the click ID in a cookie on their websites.


Right now, the import tool is available only by invite right now, but will roll out later this year to all users.  If you’d like an invite, request one from your Google rep, or fill out this form.

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